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Bob is still alive 2

• 23:22, May 14, 2014

The weather was bad when I took the bus home to Aalborg from Herning Monday morning.

I didn’t mind that much because, mildly speaking, Bob is not ready to go.


The plan before the weekend was to put the front end back on there. Instead I took off the front fender, the windscreen and the dashboard.

Inside Bob's dashboard.

Inside the dashboard. Headlight to the left, signal lamps up in the middle and odometer in right corner.

I also disassembled the front fork, partly out of curiousity, partly to fit those new black stanchion protectors. And here it is.

Front fork disassembled.

Disassembled front fork. New brake disc up in the right corner.


The fork legs look alright except for the brown rubber things which holds the black protectors. They look worn out. In the picture it is visible around around the lower stanchion. So I have to get new ones.

I spontaneously let the camera roll as I took leg number two apart. That’s how I fool around.

Ok, I also fit new brake pads because the brake squeals when I press the lever a certain amount. At about 1 kHz. The old pads didn’t really look worn so I’m afraid the new ones won’t solve the problem. Maybe they are not properly aligned in the caliper. We’ll see what happens when I get back on the road.

Old brake pads.

Old brake pads

New brake pads.

New brake pads

I cleaned the wheel hub and mounted the new, bigger brake disc as well as the adapter kit for the brake caliper. Looking good, huh?

Brake caliber adapter is the shiny thing between the black caliber and the leg.

The adapter is the shiny thing between the black brake caliper and the fork leg. It moves the caliper further out from the center of the wheel to cope with the larger brake disc.

Partly cleaned wheel hub

Partly cleaned wheel hub

Partly cleaned wheel hub

A little closer…

New shiny brake disc.

New nice-looking brake disc

I was pretty happy with all this. Then late Sunday afternoon trouble arose… remounting the front fork.

Partly refitted front fork

Partly remounted front fork

If you just stick the stanchion back in there they’re not just going to be straight. There are three degrees of freedom: if they’re not shifted or rotated relative to each other, they’re probably sticking in different directions. And the slightest misalignment means you can’t put the wheel spindle which holds the wheel back through the holes at the bottom of the legs. So right now I’m in a little deep, there’s much to reassemble now. Bob is left as shown on the picture above and I’m pondering different ways of aligning this fork.

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