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Off we go!

• 14:15, August 20, 2016 • Aalborg, Danmark

Now it’s just about time to go! I have waited for 4 years to write this post, but in reality, there is not much to write. It’s only now the exciting stuff begins.

Two weeks ago, we got home from 5 wonderful weeks in the US, and since then, we have spent our time on countless preparations, big and small. The bikes now have fresh tires. We bought more spare parts. Travel insurance is – one day before departure – almost sorted out. We have ordered 200 logo-stickers to give to people as we go. We – especially Camilla – have visited everybody to say goodbye. At least as many as it was possible to fit into two weeks, with lots of other stuff to do. I’m sure we have forgotten a thousand things as well, but time will tell. Now it’s time to get going.

Alle mine ting, plus nogle fælles. Dynerne får lov at blive hjemme...

All my stuff, alongside some common things.

The blog has also been fine-tuned. I solved a couple of bugs, but the biggest news is that our position can now be followed live on the front page map. We’re carrying a satellite tracker, which reports our position every ten minutes, and once every hour, the website updates automatically.

We’re setting forth tomorrow morning, but start out softly, by visiting my parents and staying the night there. On Monday, we’ll go via Camilla’s grandparents to her parents and sleep there. The trip starts for real on Tuesday, when we leave for Hamburg. Then we’ll spend a couple of days en route to Switzerland, where Camilla has some friends we’ll visit over the weekend.

From Switzerland the road will take us through the Balkans to Greece, where we can hopefully have our bikes shipped to Egypt. In Africa, the route will be something like Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, and eventually South Africa.





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